What should Jay-z do about Barney’s Profiling?



I posted in previous blogs like the one about Tryvon Martins not guilty verdict not being shocking or surprising to me. I didn’t understand what all the protesting and marching was about because incidents similar to Tryvon Martin case has been happening for centuries so to me their was no need to go about the jury’s decision in demonstrating our feelings by doing what we always do march and protest.  This is nothing new where stores racially profile but at the same time Barney’s want to use a person of black skin color to promote their products.





If you ask me what I think about it? I would say it is a ass backwards marketing campaign.  So what should Jay-z do?  Well I think Jay-z is in a difficult dilemma because he’s trying to further his brand and money by  collaborating with Barneys New York.  Barneys is expected to start selling items next month by top designers, inspired by Jay-Z, with some of the proceeds going to his charity. Jay-Z is also working with the store to create its artistic holiday window display.  He has to find out  is it the company that is racially profiling or just ignorant employees?  If it is the company’s fault Jay-z has a a moral obligation to drop his dealings with a company that racially profiles people of his color which could be his fans, supports, and future customers. Because it is not the first time that Barney’s racially profiled, In letters to Barneys’ Lee and Macy’s Chief Stores Officer Peter Sachse, released earlier on Tuesday, Schneiderman’s office said it is investigating a total of four complaints from black shoppers who said last week that in the last eight months they were stopped by police after shopping at one of the two stores.