Adopted but not Forgotten….

I could hear the banging and yelling through my apartment and as looked out the door down the hallway I could hear Steven who looks like a young 16 years old boy but his real age is 21 banging on his mother door yelling “You don’t treat me right cause I’m adopted”.   Steven was hurt becaused he just learned he was adopted and it was too much for him to handle the anger, frustration, confusion, pain and hurt he felt, I felt it too cause I went through the same journey.  I wish at that moment I could talk to him tell him he’s not alone and I know how he feels.  Oh Steven!!! I said, to myself why you have to piss on your door and in the hallway shaking my head I knew the other neighbors would think he was plain nuts (crazy).  I knew he was just one of my brothers that is lost and he would have to find his self in this journey called life.  I can remember before this incident when I passed Steven in the hallway  to me he looked like a nice young man humble and quiet and you would never guess that he had so much emotions but at the same time he never knew I was like him.