Adopted but not Forgotten….

I could hear the banging and yelling through my apartment and as looked out the door down the hallway I could hear Steven who looks like a young 16 years old boy but his real age is 21 banging on his mother door yelling “You don’t treat me right cause I’m adopted”.   Steven was hurt becaused he just learned he was adopted and it was too much for him to handle the anger, frustration, confusion, pain and hurt he felt, I felt it too cause I went through the same journey.  I wish at that moment I could talk to him tell him he’s not alone and I know how he feels.  Oh Steven!!! I said, to myself why you have to piss on your door and in the hallway shaking my head I knew the other neighbors would think he was plain nuts (crazy).  I knew he was just one of my brothers that is lost and he would have to find his self in this journey called life.  I can remember before this incident when I passed Steven in the hallway  to me he looked like a nice young man humble and quiet and you would never guess that he had so much emotions but at the same time he never knew I was like him.


The Most Important Reason Why People Haven’t Seen Jesus!!!!!!!

While I was in church one Sunday I started to wonder why all people who come to church never see Jesus and they talk about seeing him in the future but haven’t seen him yet.  No pastor,bishop, and prophet has seen him and they claim they are in positon that is not too far from him.  While I was in church everyone in the church was praying with their eyes closed I was the only one with my eyes open this sunday, all of a sudden Jesus came to me and hugged me I hugged him back so glad to see him I couldn’t believe it I had so many things I wanted to tell him but I couldn’t because I was so surprised to see him.  He said,” listen my son the reason why no one Haven’t seen me is because they pray with their eyes closed tell them to open their eyes and they will see everything”.  As soon as Jesus left I put on my shades and walked out of the church.

A stained glass depiction of Jesus as a Caucasian man with long brown hair, a beard and the characteristic Christian cross inscribed in the halo behind his head. The figure dressed in a white inner robe cover by a shorter, looser scarlet robe. Depicted as a Shepard, he is holding a crux in his left hand and carrying a lamb in his right. Sheep are positioned to the left and right of the figure.

President Obama…….We Don’t Believe You.

I wasn’t shocked by the outcome of the Trayvon Martin trial because I’ve seen it before when law enforcement goes above and beyond their call of duty toward Africian American males the verdict is all the same not guilty.  What surprised me is what President Obama said after the verdict that Trayvon Martin situation could have been avoided if guns were banned.  Oh for real!!!!! President Obama what happened to all the other misuse of the law with guns toward us why wasn’t their talks of taking guns, whips,chains, etc….

I forgot to mention that  for you to  take banning guns seriously children in Newton,CT had to be killed.

Why wasn’t banning guns suggested when Martin Luther King was shot, Malcolm X shot, John Lennon Shot,JFK shot.  So President Obama we don’t believe that you have the peoples best interest close to your heart, So just say what you really mean.

A 38-year-old man in a suit and tie smiles broadly. He wears glasses and has a microphone around his neckMartin Luther King Jr NYWTS.jpgJohnFK.pngTrayvon Martin on the backseat of a car.pngJohnLennonpeace.jpg

Happy July 4th …. Lets Drank and Eat.

English: Jay-Z

English: Jay-Z (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

July 4th Fireworks

July 4th Fireworks (Photo credit: Sri Dhanush)

July 3rd Fireworks

July 3rd Fireworks (Photo credit: zappowbang)

Happy 4th of July everyone.  This is a holiday to remember from barbecue chicken,ribs,burgers, corn etc… 

When everything comes together from family,friends,grillin,food,beer,and firework works in the night enjoyed with people you dont even know what a holiday love it the prequel to thanks giving which I think is the best holiday. So enjoy and all you Jay z fans it couldn’t be more better.