Gay Marriage are we Serious

I would have never imagined that gay marriage would become legal in my lifetime, with so many more serious issues in the world why is it that gay marrying is so important? is it so that our government who is broke beyond belief will be able to add revenue to their bottom line?  When will the church step up to approach this outrageousness, see I don’t deal in religion but more of common sense.  Man and women was place on earth to reproduce,  what was man on man place to do, I don’t want to go into justifying the thought of this sickness.  We need to stand up against gay marriage even if the government has been sold out for money.  


2 thoughts on “Gay Marriage are we Serious

  1. First off, there are some churches taking a stand, but many churches are part of this new age peace, love and Jesus movement that is whacked out. Take for instance Hobby Lobby, they stood against providing coverage for birth control because it is abortive in nature and got hit with so many fines that it was nearly crippling.

    Chick-fil-a took a stand and was strong armed by the ‘open minded’ thumpers who basically said “show love and tolerance and change your thinking to our ways or well boycott you.”

    It’s a loosing battle. Be prepared because this is just the beginning. Check out this link:

    • You are so right Lil Miss Kris I grew up in the church and for years theyve been trying to pass these types of bills and we took a peaceful stance against it . We as christians are just too passive and it just starts with one event once that gets by then many more will come. Tried to tell leaders of the church praying doesnt work we have to start doing but say they God will work everything out while changes are being made to keep us in bondage.

      Keep the faith cause I guess thats all we can do!!!!

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