God’s Marijuana

Marijuana 2

Marijuana 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many joy’s on Earth that God has bless us with from beautiful oceanviews from coast to coast, to people that are beautiful from all ethnicity’s and no matter what shape or size you are God has made you special, to the food we eat from vegtables I use to hate when I was young to the fruits of the earth. So why is it that the Marijuana that God made for us the government deemed illegal when man made drugs cause us to be ill even more.  The plant he blessed us with to heal our mind body and soul that grows out of the earth is cast in a negative light.  Here’s the problem we have a group of people that makes decision for us (congress) for their own benefit and gains from coporations.  When will we say to our selves that decisions that are not made in our best interest and it is time for the people of America to start making laws for ourselves.

Gay Marriage are we Serious

I would have never imagined that gay marriage would become legal in my lifetime, with so many more serious issues in the world why is it that gay marrying is so important? is it so that our government who is broke beyond belief will be able to add revenue to their bottom line?  When will the church step up to approach this outrageousness, see I don’t deal in religion but more of common sense.  Man and women was place on earth to reproduce,  what was man on man place to do, I don’t want to go into justifying the thought of this sickness.  We need to stand up against gay marriage even if the government has been sold out for money.